Sell Aboriginal Bark Painting

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Sell Aboriginal Bark Painting such as this That’s right I buy old Aboriginal Bark paintings and Tribal Art and the process is really easy. If you want to Sell Aboriginal Bark Painting all you need to do is take some photos and attach them to an email to me. If you just want some idea as to what your bark painting is worth, that is fine I am happy to give you my opinion.


When you go to sell aboriginal bark painting it is important to try and determine the artist. Many Bark paintings have numbers or labels on the back and these can be used to help identify the artist.


You can research where your bark painting is from yourself but there are literally hundreds of artists and it can take days. If your aboriginal bark painting does not have a label on the back it is often possible for an experienced person to tell which artist did the work through the style of the painting itself.

please Sell Aboriginal Bark Painting to meBasically there are two types of Australian bark Painting. There are those pieces that were made to be sold to tourists and those that were made to be used by the culture that created them. I deal with both types but prefer older pieces and pieces by particular Aboriginal artists. Don’t worry though if you don’t know if your Australian Bark Painting is good or not, just send me a photo and I will let you know.

Many people think that all bark paintings are worth a small fortune and unfortunately this is not the case. The vast majority of bark paintings are worth $300 – $600. That said some particular artists can sell for $25,000 or more so it is important to get some background information before you sell your aboriginal bark painting.

In general Australian bark paintings that were collected before 1970 have a good chance of being valuable. Please feel free to browse the old Aboriginal Art and tribal art that I have for sale as it might help you decide if you want to Sell Aboriginal Bark Painting and what it might be worth.

When to sell Aboriginal Bark painting

Why not Sell Aboriginal Bark Painting if you no longer love it

The best time to sell a piece is when it is no longer giving you joy.  Pass it on to someone who appreciates it and will love it.

I do not specialise in aboriginal art that was made for sale like paintings on canvas. If you have aboriginal art that I do not deal with please contact me and I will put you onto someone who does.

If you are not sure if your Bark Painting, Aboriginal art or tribal art is wanted or not it is better to send a picture and get an idea of what I think it is worth than to let it sell undervalue.

Some Aboriginal bark Paintings I have for sale




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