Nym Bandak Port Keats Bark Painting

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Banduk nym

Nym Bandak
Bark Painting

Nym Bandak was born around 1903 and grew up to be a influential bark painting artist and cultural elder of the Murrinhapatha people. He lived most his life around Port Keats (Wadeye) and had strong cultural contacts with inland desert groups. This relationship with inland desert aboriginals is evident in many of his best works which have concentric circles depicting waterholes within his clans lands. The aim of this article is to assist readers in identifying if their aboriginal bark painting is by Nym Bandak by comparing examples of his work.


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Nym Bandak worked closely with the well known anthropologist W. E. Stanner who he first met in 1935. It is partially due to this 50 year relationship with Stanner that Nym Bunduks artworks are so well documented.

BUNDUK NYM 1Nym Bandak has several recurring features within his works and these include Ku Wandatji, the Rock Python an ancestor Nyms clan, fish and fresh water birds. Several of his paintings are not on oval shape bark usually associated with the Port Keats style.

Nym Bandak is also referred to in some sales as  just Nym

The Majority of Port Keats bark painting artists names were never recorded and Nym  Bandak along with Charlie Brinken Indji Tharwul, Charlie Mardigan, Charlie rock Ngumbe and Bobyin Nongah are among the only artists named.

Nym was of  Murrinh-patha tribe who were engaged in a long-running conflict with inland groups. Nym in his youth gained a reputation as a clever spear fighter. Nym and his kinsmen travelled extensively, beyond the Victoria River to the eastern Kimberley. There he witnessed and participated in ceremonies among other Aboriginal groups and was exposed to new ideas about cultural form, symbolism, and design.

BUNDUK NYM The Port Keats mission was established on Nyms land in 1935. By this time he was a fully initiated man with a number of wives. The missionaries discouraged traditional practices so to appease them Bandak lived with one wife while in the mission, but  with all of his wives and children outside the mission. He managed his cultural life in a similar fashion. Even though he and his contemporaries attended church they also  practised their own culture in secret.

The missionaries encouraged Bandak and other artists such as Jarri, Mardigan, Birari, Indji and Tjimari to paint on bark and create artefacts for sale. Nym used bark painting to express cultural concepts found in Murrinh-patha culture. His small bark paintings were in the shape of churingas used within the ceremonies discouraged by the church. His bark painting themes were inspired by secret  Murrinh-patha cultural knowledge. The barks celebrated the Dreamings and sacred sites which gave meaning to the lives of Bandak and his kinsmen.

Nym Bandak Bark painting images

The following aboriginal bark painting by Nym Bandak are not a complete list of his works but do give a very good idea of the style of this artist.

4.1.1IFATRRIBUTED TO NYMBANDUK NYMBANDUK NYM BANDUK NYM Banduk nym 1Banduk nym BANDUK NYM FROM EBAYNym BandakBUNDUK NYM ? BUNDUK NYM BUNDUK NYM (PANDAK)BUNDUK NYM BUNDUK NYMBUNDUK NYM BUNDUK NYM BUNDUK NYM BUNDUK NYM BUNDUK NYM 1BUNDUK NYM BUNDUK NYM BUNDUK NYM BUNDUK NYM 2BUNDUK NYM BUNDUK NYM BUNDUK NYM BUNDUK NYM 94BUNDUK NYM AT NGABUNDUK NYM Bunduk nym birds and snakeBUNDUK NYM KBUNDUK NYM MCABUNDUK NYM$Ceremonial ground with fishemu and snakefishing in water holeNUNDUK NYM @ NGANym Banduknym bunduk bird and snakesnym bunduk catfishnym bunduk fishNym bunduk hunting figure Nym bunduk Hunting nym bunduk snake and birdssacred waterhole2005 12005 2

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The Artists Country Bark painting by Nym Bunduk at the National gallery of Australia
Other bark painting artists


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