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Jambuwal Bark Painting

Bark Painting

The aim of this article is to assist readers in identifying if their a bark painting is by Paddy Captain Jambuwal by comparing  examples of his work. He painted in a Western Arnhem land / Oenpelli style.

If you have a Jambuwal bark painting to sell please contact me. If you just want to know what your Jambuwal painting is worth to me please feel free to send me a Jpeg because I would love to see it.




Jambuwal bark paintings are usually on a square piece of bark with a background of red. He does not like to use yellow and often uses only two or three colours. His paintings of figures are more valuable than those of animals and fish. His figures tend to have very angular joints and are filled with Rarrk or dots. His figures do not show internal organs or genitalia indicationg at least some western influence. His best works are in my opinion of the incredibly skinny mimi spirits that legend says are so thin they can be blown around by the wind.



Along with many other Arnhem Land Artists who did bark paintings, there is not a lot of information readily available about Jambuwal. If anyone knows more information about the biography of Jambuwal,  please contact me as I would like to add it to this article.

Jambuwal Bark Painting images

The following images are not a complete list of works by Jambuwal but give a good feel for the variety and style of this artist.

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