Banggala: Master of Rarrk

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England Banggala

England Banggala
Bark Painting

The aim of this article is to assist readers in identifying if their aboriginal bark painting is by England Banggala by comparing  examples of his work. He painted in a Central Arnhem land style.

If you have a England Banggala bark painting to sell please contact me. If you just want to know what your England Banggala painting is worth to me please feel free to send me a Jpeg because I would love to see it.

England Banggala has a distinctive style which is best seen by comparing his various works shown here but typically have very fine rarrk and bright colours.



England Bangala uses a combination of fine rarrk and large area of plain colour. Many of his paintings contain images of serpents. He some times uses a single background colour similar to oenpelli artists. He is one of the few Maningrida Artists who regularly uses dots of colour.

England Banggala was born in 1925 and raised at Gocham Jiny-jirra on the Cadell River in Central Arnhemland. He attended school at Milingimbi mission but was taught to paint traditionally by his father.

He was initiated into manhood through traditional means and as an elder was a custodian of much traditional knowledge of the Gunardba people. He belonged to the An-Ngulin clan and died in 2001. Although best known for his bark paintings he is known to have made at least one Mokoy Figure and done some works on paper.

England Banggala bark painting images

The following images are not a complete list of works but give a good feel for the variety and style of this artist.


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